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Do you really want to read the fine print? Surprisingly, insurance contracts are written with the consumer in mind. Definitions of key words are the beginning of the contract, then coverage, and finally, exclusions. With Special Form policies (home and business) you are covered for anything that can happen, except what is specifically excluded. Remember those 1000 page insurance contracts in the classic movies? Those contracts explained everything you are covered for. If it wasn't listed, you weren't covered for it. Now contracts are just the opposite. You are covered for everything, except what is specifically excluded.

Understanding this, means you're on your way to being able to negotiate a loss on your own, but you may still be miles away from knowing everything there is to know. Insurance companies generally act in good faith, but that doesn't mean they'll be volunteering settlement options as you would expect. In a recent case study the adjuster was asking a series of questions following a severe water damage loss. The first question was, "Do you have a place to stay?" This seemingly simple question can result in significantly different outcomes. Answering yes means that the insurance company is not obligated to pay for your living expenses. Answering no, means the insurance company may be obligated to compensate you for living expenses. Question number 2. "since you don't have a place to stay, we will be reimbursing you for hotel expenses. Would you like a hotel with or without a kitchen? If you answer yes, your insurance company won't be compensating you for restaurant expenses because you have a kitchen in your hotel room.

The next question and the question after that, are designed to keep the settlement amount to a minimum. Are you prepared to go at it alone? We are pleased to assist you with your claim, whether you're currently insured with us or not. Our goal is to assist our clients, and potential clients in any way we can. Here's some important advice. If your adjuster is asking any ambiguous questions, ask how the answers to your questions will affect the outcome of the claim. Surprisingly, adjusters are happy to answer your questions, and truly do want to provide you with a fair settlement, they just need to be prompted to do so.

We understand that insurance can be confusing, and the time you figure out what you have, it may be too late. When you suffer a loss, you'll need to know that the coverage you've purchased, provides you with the protection you expect to have. Hayek Insurance provides personal and professional service, and we take our time explaining your benefits so you can make an informed decision about your coverage.

It's important to know that unlike captive agents and direct writers, who only represent one insurance company, we are independent insurance brokers representing many. We shop for the lowest cost and best coverage year after year. Your insurance costs may have crept up over the years, and if your current agent only represents one insurance company, it forces you to pay higher costs, or look for another agent. Working with us eliminates that problem, because we represent many A Rated, Admitted Insurance Companies, like Travelers, Progressive, National General, and more. We're constantly negotiating new programs and creating relationships with insurance carriers to make sure our clients are getting the best deal, year after year.

Some companies only offer one type of insurance or another. At Hayek Insurance, our philosophy is to provide our clients with most any type of coverage. Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, and most any type of Business Insurance.

Hayek Insurance specializes in business insurance of all kinds. We have developed industry specific websites to provide business owners with necessary resources and instant quoting functionality. Follow the links below to various sites for more information.

Our concierge claims service means that if you suffer a loss, we'll be there every step of the way. Negotiating a settlement from an insurance company can be tricky. You may have never done it before, but the insurance company sure has. It's not to say they don't want to pay your claim, but at times it may seem that getting paid fairly requires the help of a trained professional. The outcome of your claim is heavily dependent on the way your situation is handled. We will provide you with a step by step guide to complete the difficult claims process swiftly, and clearly. Visit our claims page for more details.

In addition to the normal coverage (dwelling, contents, living expenses, liability), this policy includes coverage for the service line, equipment breakdown, and mortgage payment protection. These benefits are described in the attached, but I'm happy to review in greater detail. 

Folks with homes that have "good credit" (newer, tile or comp roof, no wood siding, not in a brush area, no claims, etc) should be shopping for coverage periodically. Insurance companies desire this type of risk. 

Folks that have homes in the brush, prior claims, flood zone, may be subject to paying higher prices indefinitely. Still worth shopping, but traditionally more difficult as less companies are willing to insure. We might even have to place the fire coverage with the CA Fair Plan, and write a separate DIC (Difference in Conditions) policy to cover other exposures (liability, theft, vandalism, etc.)

The coverage limits for your policies are not easily decided on. Do you need umbrella insurance? What is Umbrella insurance? Do you need Earthquake Insurance? Is the Earthquake Insurance deductible too high for the coverage to make sense? The answers to those questions and more, can be found by calling or contacting us.

We promise to always be prompt and professional. Your requests are attended to quickly and with a smile. We know you have lots of questions about your insurance, and we're here to provide you with clear answers.

Connect with us and find out why so many satisfied clients have insured with us for years and years. Hayek Insurance was established in 1964 and is family owned and operated.

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