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Your home may be your single greatest investment. We want to make sure you are protected. We can insure a single family home, condominium unit, mobile home, duplex, triplex, 4plex, and virtually any kind of residential dwelling. We insure homes that are owner occupied, tenant occupied, vacant and under construction.

Having a hard time finding coverage for your property because of age, claims history, exposure to brushi fire zoning? No problem! We are appointed with many insurance companies, and will find you coverage no matter what your situation is.

We can even provide coverage if you have a wood shake roof, an unacceptable dog breed, a trampoline, or more!

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Does my home insurance cover mold?

Technically, no, but the ensuing water damage may be. Our case history illustrates a situation involving a plumbing leak within a raised foundation. The insurance company was denying coverage, because mold was present, and it was deemed a "wear and tear" issue. However, upon discussing the case with our adjuster, we were able to have them agree to pay for the cost to access the broken pipe. After all, it is their responsibility to perform discovery, and determine the cause of loss. Ultimately, much of the claim was covered, simply by understanding the contract language, and asking the right questions.

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Actual Cash Value v. Replacement Cost.

If you suffer a water leak and your insurance company has agreed to pay for the damage, you must consider how they funds will be allocated. If you decide not to rebuild, you may not receive nearly as much as you would if you did. As an example, a small area of your wood floor is damaged, but you can live with it, and opt for collecting your settlement and not rebuilding. You may have just missed out on a substantial amount of compensation! Unless you actually rebuild, you will only be compensated for the actual cash value (depreciated), and not necessarily compensated for all the work that my result from actually removing and replacing the floors- like the baseboards, and the walls, and the recoverable depreciation when you discover that the cost of the job was a lot higher than estimated.

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Finding Insurance for a home in a brush zone or fire zone

If you own or are purchasing a home in a brush zone or high fire zone, expect to pay more for your home insurance, and also be prepared to have insurance with the California Fair Plan, and/or a non admitted insurance company like Lloyds of London. Being close to the brush zone is a lifelong problem, but having the peace and tranquility of a private lot, may be worth the difference. If you're having trouble finding insurance, give us a call. We can help!

Home insurance companies are re-evaluating their fire line scores, which means that some homes that were insurable in the past, may no be considered in a high fire zone. Call now to discuss. Fire Line Scores