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Apartment Building Insurance

Whether you own a few units, or a massive apartment complex, we can help! Hayek Insurance is appointed with a wide variety of A Rated insurance companies, and we have competitive coverage and pricing. Call us now to assist you!

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If you're thinking about buying an apartment building, we'd like to give you a little advice. Four units or less will be considered "personal lines residential insurance" and you may also qualify for a residential loan, rather than a commercial loan. However, if you purchase a four unit apartment complex (also known as a 4plex or fourplex), and own it in a corporation, you may have a harder time placing coverage. Many insurance companies will not insure a residential property that is owned by a corporation/LLC. Trusts are no problem.

At Hayek Insurance, we've built relationships with a wide variety of A Rated, Admitted Insurance Companies. We can place coverage for most any property. Call us anytime to discuss! (800) 860-8835

Unacceptable Exposures?

If you own an apartment complex and have tenants that created an unauthorized business at the premises, like vehicle repair or clothing sales? This may be tough to overcome, but we can help. Zoning restrictions and especially environmental restrictions can be brought to your tenants' attention, to cease and desist.

Need help with your unacceptable exposures? Call now for help! 800 860 8835

If you suffer damage in your apartment building, and your tenant is required to move out, it would be wise to consult with us or your insurance company before committing to pay for their hotel and meal expenses. Refer to your lease agreement and find that it says you may only be liable for abating (refunding) the unused portion of the rent for that month, and that is all. Tenants are required to have renters insurance, which would cover their living expenses. Please call us anytime to discuss.