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Are you really turning 65?

We thought so, even though you can't believe it. A time on our lives when health insurance does a complete 180. Or does it? Follow our step by step, and see just how simple and clear the process is.

Step 1:

  • As you approach your 65th birthday, call Medicare at 800 MEDICARE (633-4227) or visit their website at

Just let them know who you are, and that you're turning 65*. They will take you through the enrollment process, then mail you your new Medicare ID card. On it, will include a "Claim" number, which basically serves as your Medicare Member Identification Number. You'll be referring back to your Medicare Claim Number periodically, so be sure to keep it handy. You will be enrolling in Medicare Parts A and B. For most that have worked 40 quarters in the United States, Part A will be at no cost. However, Part B may cost a minimum of $135 per month, or higher, depending on your income. (See medicare income chart below)

Step 2:

  • Choosing a Medigap Policy, also known as a Medicare Supplement.

Medicare provides a solid foundation of coverage, but with large medical expenses, you could be coming out of pocket quite a bit. The F Plan will eliminate all medicare deductibles and copays, leaving you with $0 cost for medical services (not including Part D prescription Drug Costs). To keep insurance costs down, you may elect a plan with a higher deductible, like the "F High Deductible Plan". There are plenty of other options in between, but you can expect to spend between $60 and $140 a month for one of these options.

Step 3:

  • Enrolling in the mandatory Part D Prescription Drug Plan.

Even if you're not taking any prescriptions, you must enroll in a prescription drug plan, otherwise you may face a permanent penalty. The Part D coverage can cost between $13 and $60 per month or more, depending on your needs.

Of course you'll have more questions, and that's why we're here to help. Please call and arrange a face to face or phone meeting. There's nothing we love more, than to help you stay protected.

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*If you're not turning 65, but have recently become disabled, or leaving a group plan, we recommend you call us. The Special Enrollment Period may vary, and it pays to speak to us right away.